Mainline Cutters

Whether prepping for relining, or reinstating laterals afterwards, trust PRT cutters for the power and up-time you need to cut heavy coupons, grind offsets and protruding taps, and remove heavy roots and calcification.

PowerCutter 200 PowerCutter 150 IMS Drive

PowerCutter 200

Delivering up to 1.9 hp cutting power, the air-driven PC200 makes quick work of lateral reinstatement, offset grinding or anything else that needs cutting. For optimum range and precision, the arm articulates on four axes, each proportionally controlled with encoder feedback to remember any cutting position.

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PowerCutter 150

Utilizing the same controller/hose package and sharing much of the functionality of the PC200, the compact PC150 provides all the necessary cutting power for use in smaller sewer mains.

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IMS Drive

The IMS Drive cutter provides powerful air-driven power for reinstating laterals or grinding offsets in mainlines.

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Nick Sebastian Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Nick Sebastian

Eastern Territory Account Manager

Nick directly serves customers across the east coast, maintaining an on-site presence for technical consultations, product demonstrations and training.

(814) 490-0451

Todd Morence Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Jerry Schroeder

Midwest Territory Account Manager

Jerry directly serves customers across the Midwest, maintaining an on-site presence for technical consultations, product demonstrations and training.

(862) 324-0097

Rich Linder Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Richard Lindner


Rich keeps his finger on the pulse of innovation in the sewer rehab sector, identifies technologies that can yield benefit to sewer rehabilitation companies and works with international manufacturers to tailor products for the U.S. market.

(866) 936-8476

Steve Webster Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Steve Webster

Business Unit Manager

Steve Webster runs PRT's day-to-day operations, overseeing sales and support staff, parts and rental inventory, and the service team, as well as working with our partners to bring innovative new rehab technologies to market.

(973) 945-0688

Greg Tattersall Pipeline Renewal Technologies

Gregg Tattersall

Field Support Specialist

Gregg works directly with customers to address support issues, conduct service training and manage logistics for service and repair.

(973) 713-3673