• PC200 Mainline Cutter
  • PC200 Mainline Cutter
  • PC200 Mainline Cutter
  • PC200 Mainline Cutter

Air Driven Power Cutter for Sewer Mains

PowerCutter 200

Whether prepping for relining or reinstating laterals afterwards, trust PRT cutters for the power and up-time you need to cut heavy coupons, grind offsets and protruding taps, and remove heavy roots and calcification.

  • Handles 8-28″ lines.
  • Self-positions via high-torque four-wheel drive.
  • Travels up to 660’.
  • Performs horizontal cutting with a powerful air motor up to 1.9 hp.
  • Articulates on four axes (up/down, rotation, tool pivot, cutter forward/back).
  • Displays live footage from an illuminated, vibration-isolated self-cleaning camera.
  • CANbus-based controls with twin multi-function joysticks for easy position recall.
  • Interchangeable bits address wide range of pipe materials and cutting tasks.
  • Continuous 360 rotation provides ability to cut drop taps and wrinkles.

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Choosing a cutter doesn't have to be complicated. Compare PRT's mainline cutters to decide what's best for your rehabilitation workflow.

PowerCutter 150
PowerCutter 200

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Pipe Diameter Range

6-10 inches 8-28 inches 6-16 inches

Arm Length

7.9 inches 11.8 inches 16 inches


44-55 lbs 143-198 lbs 46 lbs

Hose Length

660 feet 660 feet 492 feet

Cable Length

720 feet 720 feet 492 feet
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