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Janssen Process Point Repair Remedies Mainlines Defects

Cities prefer Janssen because it:

  • Doesn’t reduce the pipe’s inner diameter.
  • Structurally addresses pipe deterioration by bonding cracks and filling voids.
  • Leaves a smooth transition surface between old pipe and new PU material.
  • Permanently solves infiltration, root intrusion and ground cavity problems.
  • Requires no line-plugging.
  • Fortifies missing pipe segments prior to lining.

Pressure-injected Resin Fills Holes, Missing Pipe Wall and Cracks While Simultaneously Re-establishing Bedding.

Janssen Point Repair System offers strength and support to deteriorated mainline point defects. After preparing point defects through milling of rough pipe surface and protrusions, fast-curing PU resins are robotically pressure-injected into cracks, missing pipe walls, bonding them and filling holes, bedding and cavities outside the pipe to reestablish pipe support.

Using Janssen point repair technology, defects of up to 3 ft can be rehabilitated with no loss of pipe ID and no edges or transition ridges. Root intrusion and infiltration are permanently stopped. The Janssen approach is also ideal prior to CIPP lining where structural for the main pipe is needed. Repair longevity has been documented to 28 years but is estimated to be 50+ years.

Janssen Process Step-by-Step

A robotic packer is positioned at the repair area where it:

  • Isolates and pressure-seals the mainline defect.
  • Injects a fast-curing resin that bonds cracks and fills the voids/soils behind them.
  • Waits 45 minutes for a cure.
  • Is moved to the next repair.

Janssen lateral and point repair technologies are true trenchless technologies. Robotic devices are flow-through designed; no bypass pumping is required except in extreme cases. Resins and injection equipment are designed to pump directly into high ground water defects and seal them permanently.

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