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Quick-Lock Sewer Rehab Sleeve Restores Structural Strength, Seals Out Infiltration

Target Failing Pipes with a Stainless Rehab Sleeve that Installs in Minutes.

With more than 1,000,000 units installed worldwide, Quick-Lock provides structural trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel, plus infiltration abatement with an EPDM rubber gasket. It installs in minutes with two people and minimal overhead. Suitable for sanitary sewers, water lines and industrial pipes, Quick-Lock solves:

  • Infiltration
  • Longitudinal Cracks
  • Circumferential Cracks
  • Holes
  • Offset Joints
  • Abandoned Laterals
  • Root Intrusion

Quick-Lock is positioned inside the host pipe on a wheeled flow-through packer pushed by any standard CCTV crawler. Once in position, air pressure supplied to the packer expands the sleeve against the pipe wall. Patented stainless gear ratchets within the sleeve sustain the outward pressure, which structurally reinforces failing regions of the host pipe, and also compresses the gasket for leak-proof service. Compared to open digging and CIPP point repairs, Quick-Lock eliminates:

  • Digging and backhoes
  • Resin
  • Wet-out
  • Pot life
  • Cure
  • Bypass pumping
  • Wash-outs

Point Repair: For standalone point repair, or for pre-lining under high infiltration, Quick-Lock sleeves restore a pipe’s structural integrity and seal out groundwater. They minimize diameter loss and outlast any other rehab.

End Caps: Quick-Lock end caps strengthen a CIPP liner at its most vulnerable points—the ends. Stronger and easier to install than other end caps, they’re a must-have insurance policy for installed CIPP.

Quick-Lock sleeves are available in diameters ranging 6–28”, and in lengths of 16” and 20”. Multiple sleeves can be interleaved to perform longer repairs. The sleeve design meets ASTM F3110-14 for mechanical trenchless point repair.

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