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Monday, 29 April 2013 07:12

PRT Named New North American Distributor and Service Center for IST Cutters.

Bochum, Germany-based IST GmbH has just named Pipeline Renewal Technologies a North American distributor and service center for its Power CUTTER brand of pipe cutting and lateral reinstatement robots. With the addition of IST to its current lineup, Pipeline Renewal Technologies now offers rehab cutters for applications ranging from lateral cutting to lateral reinstatement and mainline grinding and milling.

“Once we started talking to PRT, we realized we both share the same philosophy on rehab technology,” said Jörg Vogt, CEO for IST GmbH. “Each company places strong emphasis on innovation and reliability, realizing that these are what ultimately make customers more productive and profitable. Beyond that, PRT has impressive sales and service resources that will ensure North American IST customers are well served.”

IST’s flagship product in North America is the Power CUTTER 200 for 8” relined and larger pipe. It combines a four-axis cutting arm, 1.9 hp air motor, articulated zoom camera, self-propulsion and microprocessor-based control architecture. The comparably equipped Power CUTTER 150 is available for lines as small as 6”.

“The IST large-diameter robots round out our cutter line nicely, making PRT a single source for the cutting needs of any relining contractor,” says Pete Kurz, Business Manager at PRT. “We can’t wait to take these cutters on the road and show the market how they perform.”

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